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Zero Balancing - Cathy Towers - Exeter

 "Cathy has made my life so pain free" - Client with Osteoporosis

The Healing Power of Touch

I work with Zero Balancing, core stability and visualisation to develop mental well-being, confidence, self-awareness, happiness and deep relaxation while reducing stress, anxiety and depression symptoms.

Cathy's response to advice on BBC Radio 4 - Read here for a quick tip if you have anxiety

The centre where I work - Exeter Mind and Body Clinic - is named because of the interplay of our mental attitude and physical well-being.  Good functioning of both mind and body is required to ensure we are the best self we can be. So it is only natural that the development of Zero Balancing bodywork therapy, my speciality, incorporates Mindfulness principles.  No labeling, no diagnosis, no judging.

"Cathy worked on a number of old injuries and thoroughly managed to rebalance and free up my body - a wonderful experience."

You will have heard of the power of positive thought, and this principle works for the body as well as the mind.   How we stand, walk and move our bodies gives us subtle feedback as to our state of wellness.  It also gives other people little messages about how we are, mostly at a sub-conscious level.  I do specific hands-on body therapy (called Zero Balancing), and have a background in psychology, along with experience in yoga and dance.  They all influence my work on helping you be the best you can be and to present that best to the people around you in a way which strengthens your sense of peace, confidence and esteem.

"Feeling ab-fab and so in my skin post #zerobalance session with @CathyTowers. Thanx a mill! X" -  Client with jet-lag

What is Zero Balancing?

Cathy Towers is available at Exeter Mind and Body Clinic, Central Exeter

If you like the sound of a hands on body therapy which eases aches, pains and stress (physical and emotional) and is profoundly relaxing, then Zero Balancing is right up your street. Our body may be in good condition and our energy okay, but if they are not in harmony we can feel out of sorts, even pain.  Bringing full attention through gentle stretches and pressure to the bone at key areas of the skeletal joints releases tension or stiffness and reminds our body how it really wants to be.  When our body settles, so do our busy mind and feelings which is why the effect can be so profound.

Zero Balancing was developed by Dr Fritz Smith (medical doctor and osteopath who also trained in acupuncture and explored many psycho-spiritual paths).  Practitioners are trained to maintain a clarity of contact so touch is experienced as non-invasive and safe.  In a world where we are constantly pressured to do things it is wonderful to receive touch that offers the opportunity of such deep relaxation.

What does Zero Balancing Do?

People come to Zero Balancing for a wide range of physical complaints:

  • back or neck pain
  • old sports injury
  • frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and similar
  • whiplash and other post-accident damage
  • old injuries that are ‘healed’ but still cause pain

"Thank you to talented #Exetertherapist @CathyTowers - my shoulders and back are soooooo chilled! #zerobalancing #expert"

And also for the experience of support and ease it gives those with emotional difficulties such as:

  • anxiety, stress, anger and irritability
  • sleep difficulties
  • shock/post trauma
  • abuse

"I was lost - I couldn't have done it without you" Adam

On the positive side, people are also interested in improvement of their well-being as Zero Balancing is excellent at developing personal core stability such as:

  • posture
  • confidence
  • self-awareness
  • mental well-being and happiness
  • relaxation

"I don't think any of us were quite sure what to expect but it was a really fascinating evening. I realise that we all get so stressed and never really appreciate how much it affects us both mentally and physically." (Walking Gorgeously workshop)

I also consider Zero Balancing to be the body therapy of choice where people feel unsure or nervous about touch and intimacy.

Please enquire if you are unsure whether Zero Balancing could help you.

Fee: I charge £55 for a 50 minute session. A single session is deeply relaxing and frees up the body. For sustained stress/anxiety, old injuries, making effective change to well-being generally, then a course of sessions is recommended - I can advise best when I see how your body is.

If you are struggling with anxiety, you may like to read this article for a simple tip which may make a significant difference for you: Cathy's response to BBC Radio 4 item on anxiety

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Help with anxiety, depression and stress  -  Help with self-esteem and confidence issues