About Cathy Towers

Cathy Towers

First and foremost, what interests me most is people. With my entire working life engaged in working with individuals, couples and groups, I have had to also work hard with developing myself to ensure that I provide you with the best help that I can.  

Because you need it.  Because you deserve it.

Below are the facts about my professional background, but please bear in mind that there is so much more than this through my own constant personal development work.  

Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Exeter

Originally I trained as a nurse but after seven years of nursing my interest in social care moved me to study for a degree in Psychology. Subsequently, my study has given me full qualifications in Psychosynthesis Counselling and Integrative Psychotherapy and I have been a BACP Senior Accredited Practitioner for many years now.

With over 30 years of experience I have offered counselling and supervision for employers such as MIND, Family Services Unit, GP Practices and the NHS. I have also been commissioned for therapeutic work for The Met Office, the Police Service, St John's Ambulance and others. I currently work fully in private practice at my own clinic, chosen for its privacy and peacefulness. I work with individuals and couples, offering counselling and psychotherapy.

From as far back as being a school prefect I have gained a reputation for working well with people with confidence issues and for being easy to talk to about difficult or sensitive subjects without shaming.

Meditation and Mindfulness

My original training in psychosynthesis gave me a strong grounding in guided imagination meditation and mindfulness awareness. I taught at Birkbeck College in London for several years.

Somehow, as with most things which are good for us, I allowed this wonderful skill to drift with all the other things which were fun to engage in. Then, supporting myself through a prolonged period of stress, I got myself back into a daily mindfulness routine and daily creative journalling. What a relief to be back on form again with confidence. It is a challenging practice initially but one which will serve us well lifelong with regular practice.

I run a weekly small group class which often has the capacity for drop in.  The class is a personal development opportunity.

Zero Balancing Body Therapy

I have always had a keen and parallel interest with physical health and well being and the impact of emotion on the body, and so have also trained in Zero Balancing bodywork which is a simple and extremely effective way of bringing improvement into a client’s sense of wellness, and also a counter-balance for psychotherapy in my private practice. I make sure that I receive regular sessions of some form of body therapy myself to keep myself feeling as good as possible.

I do occasional workshops on "The Power of Positive Posture and "Walking Gorgeously" as a fun way of interacting with a group of people rather than one-to-one.

"Thank you for a great workshop last night - I've been walking differently all today - getting that weight down into those hips and walking tall!"

Please note I do not do hands on body therapy with counselling or psychotherapy clients - they are separate and different approaches.

Training and Public Speaking

I enjoy sharing skills and have run groups and training workshops from time to time for many years. I have a website CPD For Therapists, offering occasional Continuing Professional Development workshops for Health Practitioners.

I have faced my nerves about speaking by joining South West Speakers club which meets in Kenn fortnightly and has been an immense support I would recommend to anyone. As a result, I feel more competent and confident to speak publicly on aspects of my work and entertaining speeches, for example:

To local business networks such as Business Network South West, Energess, Leading Women, Ladies Do Latte

Exeter Chiefs Ladies Night at Sandy Park

Therapist networks, including WestCountry Association of Counselling

"Just wanted to say how good your talk this morning was. You made it look easy, but it probably wasn't! I was impressed by the way you told the story, without notes, without rushing, letting us dwell on each stage. And your insights in the male psyche were very entertaining!" HC

I also run Exeter Mind and Body Clinic, where I host other skilled body therapists and counsellors in Exeter.


  • BSc Hons in Psychology
  • Diplomas - Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • ITEC Certificate in Massage Anatomy & Physiology
  • Certificate in Zero Balancing (advanced bodywork)
  • Competent Communicator with Toastmasters International

I attend regular training days to keep my knowledge and skills alive and alert, as well as for the joy of learning. Particular areas include Couple Counselling and Childhood Sexual Abuse.

All appointments for Zero Balancing, psychotherapy or counselling in Exeter with Cathy Towers are held at Exeter Mind and Body Clinic which is accessed via Princesshay, near the cathedral. Please see the clinic website for directions.